Your new business accelerator


Easy communication with employees

Unite Business’s messaging tool makes it easy to keep employees informed about updates or new events. There are no limits to the scope of application.


Visualize all CRM-based processes in Your company

In the analysis section, the efficient use of the Unite software is visualized. It is visible who received or acquired which contact and which events or locations performed well.

Contact Database

The central administrative base for all customer-based data of your company.

Existing databases can be easily imported into the dashboard. Any contact acquired with the Unite software can be accesed by the entire company.

New Employee

The easiest way to prepare new employees with digital business cards

Using the dashboard, You can preset and assign digital business cards for new employees. This saves valuable time and allows You to centrally manage Your Companys business cards in one place.

Digital business cards everywhere You go


The card which connects people

You can create digital business cards with your own contact details. With different V‑Cards, you have the right data for every form of encounter ready.

Business Card Reader

Digitalize paper business cards in seconds

The AI-based business card scanner is a feature of the Unite Business App to make digitizing contact information as efficient as possible.

Easy Sharing

Easy digital contact exchange

Your digital business card can be preset via the dashboard and will be displayed automatically in the Unite Business App. Company based contact exchange has never been so easy.


Easy digital contact data exchange

Digital business cards can be pre-set via the dashboard and directly taken over from the app. Digital contact exchange has never been so easy for companies.

Variable data

Change your employees V-Card data in seconds.


Thanks to our various APIs, Unite can be optimally integrated into existing systems. 

Easy Administration

Data is automatically kept up to date and interacts with existing CRM systems.

Lower Expenses

Unite’s digital V-Cards are significantly cheaper than conventional business cards.

Over 10 billion
business cards printed every year worldwide.

This causes a huge environmental impact, especially since the life span of most business cards is very short. At Unite, we value our environment and support local reforestation programs. In the future we will continue to work together with our community for the protection of our nature


daily printed business cards


end up in trash in first month

Our pricing is based on Your needs

HR Dashboard + 3 App Licenses50€ /Month

  • Create V-Cards for Employees
  • Share contact portfolios within the company
  • Direct and secure communication with your employees
  • Compact contact information easy accessable for other systems

Additional App Licenses1€ /Month

  • Each license allows another employee to use digital business cards
  • Each account is connected to the dashboard
  • Every user benefits from the contact datapool
  • Accounts can be administrated from the HR Dashboard

NFC-Card15 €


Contact us as a trade fair or event organizer, there are many ways to make networking at your event as easy as possible. We will work with you to find the optimal solution.

  • One month free of charge
  • Cancel subscription at any time
  • Non binding

You ask we answer

What are virtual business cards?

The so-called V-Card is your digital companion, which provides you with the right data for every situation. Unlike traditional business cards, V cards can be dynamic and the information stored in them can be adapted. For more information please visit our blog. Here you will find interesting and detailed articles about virtual business cards

How does Unite work?

Unite is a software and app that allows your company to equip your employees with digital business cards. It is not necessary that you also own Unite to share contact details.

The dashboard:

  • Administration is handled via the dashboard, here you can create and manage contact profiles for your employees.
  • The central contact database allows all contacts the company has and acquired by employees to be available in one place and available to all employees via the app.
  • The analysis page allows the administrator to have an overview of the use of the software

The app:

  • Digital business cards (V-Card) are made available and shared via the app. The employee can create additional V-Cards in the app to have the optimal contact profile ready for each encounter at any time.
  • The contact database is up to date at all times and contains all contacts available to the company and all those acquired by employees of the company.
  • The app’s camera can read contact QR codes and allows the employee to digitize physical business cards.
  • The NFC Tag Writer allows you to play the V cards on an NFC card, which can then be attached to any NFC-compatible device to share the contact.
Do all the people involved in the exchange need the Unite App?

One of the most important aspects of Unite is that the contact exchange of the V-Cards works independently of the app and across operating systems. In summary, this means that you can share your V cards with anyone, regardless of whether that person uses the Unite app or which operating system the smartphone is equipped with.

Where can I store the V-Cards?

If the recipient has Unite, contact profiles can be stored in the Unite contact database. Otherwise, the received V-Cards can be stored in almost any database. For example, the recipient of your V-Card can easily save the received contact portfolio in their Apple or Android database directly on their smartphone. Other databases such as “Outlook Contacts” or “Google Contacts” can also be used.

Where can I cancel my subscription?

The Unite subscription can be easily cancelled via the dashboard, this must always be seen at least 24 hours before the subscription renewal. The function can be found in the settings of the dashboard.

What happens to the data?

From the very beginning, we at Unite have focused on putting the user experience first. This does not only mean that we do not advertise in order to make the interface clear. We also do not share data with third parties or for marketing purposes. All data stored by you and your employees are stored in encrypted form on our servers and are exclusively available to the company. We only analyze software internal and anonymized motion patterns to improve your user experience. The only data Unite receives and can view are the contact details of the administrator profile to be in contact with you. Our servers are all located in Europe, are DSGVO-compliant and meet the world’s highest security standards.

How do I create a new employee?

This is easily done via the dashboard under the item Employees there is a button “+ New Employee” here you can create a new employee. The additional button “Invite” generates an automatic email in which the access data and a download link to the app can be found. The first V-Card is then available to your employee.

How do I report a problem?

If you have problems with the software or the app, please feel free to report them to support@unite-world. com. We will take care of your request as soon as possible.

What is an NFC card?

With the NFC card, you can easily share your Unite V cards in another way. With the NFC Tag Writer in the app, you can customize the record to your NFC card within seconds so you have the right data for every encounter. The NFC card is your exclusive companion in the business world and supports you in a serious appearance.

How does the data import/export work?

There are two places where you can import data, one with the employees (where all the employee profiles you want can be created by uploading an xls file) and one with the contact database (where you can upload all the contacts you would like to have additionally in the contact database).
When exporting it works the same for both locations, you get an xls file with all the data available there (employee data & contact data of the database).

Can I work for Unite?

We are a young company that is currently positioning itself on the market. We are always looking for committed employees, especially in the area of marketing, SEO wording and public relations. We look forward to receiving Your input on interesting ideas or suitable connections. We are a Young, dynamic and fast growing team. If You are interested in working for us, we look forward to Your email.

What others say about us

Die Visitenkarte spielt für Unternehmer eine sehr wichtige Rolle. Mit dieser kann man die Bekanntheit seiner Firma und seiner Person erweitern, die Kompetenzen einer Firma werden in einem Satz ausgewiesen und die Seriosität


Rund 27 Millionen Visitenkarten werden täglich gedruckt. Davon landen 90 Prozent jedoch bereits im ersten Monat im Müll. An dieser Stelle setzt die österreichische M&M Enterprise GmbH mit ihrer innovativen App Unite an..


Die App Unite des Wiener Startups M&M Enterprise soll unter anderem über einen NFC-Writer und automatische Kontakt-Aktualisierung punkten.



Weltweit werden jährlich über 10 Milliarden Visitenkarten gedruckt. Das bedeutet eine enorme Umweltbelastung, vor allem da die Lebensdauer der Visitenkarten meist sehr kurz ist.